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Consumers are keeping cars longer as a way to control costs to combat the negative impact of the economy. This new long-term mindset fuels the purchase of protective accessories to keep a car in good shape. A 2012 Accessories Trend Report claims that the dealerships produced accessory revenues over $260,000 on average. This report was compiled from a sample group of 150 dealerships using AddOnAuto. The $39 million dollars in sales that these dealerships sold in accessories tells the story of the true opportunity for car dealers interested in tapping into the lucrative car accessories market.

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Top Three Accessory Rankings

Broken down by the categories of volume, revenue and profit, the accessories purchased in 2011 support the trend of paying for add-ons that contribute to car longevity. By volume, the top three accessories purchased included factory exterior features, body side moldings and floor mats. Ranked by revenues, the top three selling accessories in 2011 were remote start alarms, step bars and upholstery. Revenues and volume figures are interesting but profit is what truly matters to shareholders and management. By profit, step bars, and remote start alarms came in the top three with paint protection coming in as the number one profit-making accessory.

Factory Exterior Items In Demand

With the emphasis on protecting a car for the future, sales of mud guards, splash guards, bumper protectors and door edge guards led the way as purchases designed to keep unsightly signs of wear and tear at bay. Other big sellers were fog lights, cargo dividers and bed extenders. Any dealership management seeking ways to pump up revenues would be wise to keep these items on hand to profit from this growing trend.

Factory Interior Items In Demand

Taking good care of a car and having cheap Ontario auto insurance is a necessity for any owner hoping to protect the upholstery and keep the interior in mint condition. Just like the sofa in the den that families sit on every night watching TV, a car’s interior gets daily usage. For that reason, it is important to recognize that upholstery may crack and ample storage will make for a more comfortable ride. Cargo accessories, sill protectors, and ambient lighting are all sought after in the consumers’ quest for maintaining and utilizing a vehicle.

Performance Accessories

In the past, consumers jumped on the bandwagon buying up the latest fad items. All that appears to have changed since the economy slumped. Exhaust Tips performed as a top seller, being one of the least expensive of the enhancement options. Practical items like superchargers and suspension items sold well too.

Gimmicks and Electronic Gadgets

With the smartphone usage skyrocketing, it is no surprise that Bluetooth and products related to wireless products were big winners in 2011. XM radio was also sought after. While many might conclude that consumers are picking Xm over iPods, the surge in XM radio purchases over iPod cables may be explained by the fact that so many vehicles are coming equipped with auxillary jacks as a standard feature.

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