postheadericon Three High-Tech Accessories To Upgrade Your Car With

Looking for a few tech accessories to upgrade and give some more humph to your car? There are many tech accessories out there to choose from, but there are three below that have car enthusiasts looking more sophisticated than ever. Even if you are sophisticated enough to get the most affordable Edmonton car insurance, these three apps will surely be of use to you.

1. Parrot Asteroid ($349)


Parrot AsteroidThe Parrot Asteroid is an outstanding car receiver that has voice recognition hands free telephone, web services apps, and more. It has a high-definition 32″ color screen that has a detachable face, plated with backlight buttons.

With the Asteroid’s music player, all you have to do to activate it is to say the name of the artist stored in your uploaded music library and enjoy. If you want more of a high-tech experience, the Asteroid also has a 4×55 W Mosfet amplifier built in, a subwoofer output, and an equalizer that gives you top notch bass and sound.

With the hands-free calling, calls can be launched by voice and the information of the all is displayer on the 3.2″ screen. This product is perfect for those that enjoy having things hand free when they are in their car.
2. Tom Tom to Go 920 ($357.99)


Tom Tom to Go

The Tom Tom 920 is an upscale GPS navigator that includes many features such as voice prompted address entry, Map Share, FM transmitter, hands-free calling, and of course, maps. It also comes with a remote. The voice prompted address entry allows users to say the name of the city, street, and address number by voice in which then the device automatically calculates the route.

Map Share is an excellent benefit for users of the Tom Tom 920. It allows the users to share with other Tom Tom users about their mapping route corrections so that every user will be up to date of the correct routes just in case a route has been changed due to situations. Map Share also lets you make easy changes to your map at anytime.

The remote control and hands-free calling both come with bluetooth. The hands-free calling includes a microphone and a speaker in order for you to speak legally in your car without having something in your hand while driving. This GPS system is great for those that travel a lot.

3. The GPS Tracking Key ($149.00)


GPS Tracking Key

The GPS Tracking Key records routes that vehicles take and driving speeds and stops. This is a perfect secretive accessory that will help you track it if your car is taken and where it’s at. It is also perfect for those that have a tendency to let others use their car.

This pocket sized USB tracker can log all activity and store it for up to two weeks! After you plug it in and once you feel like tracking all the places you went, all you have to do is remove it and plug it into your computer.

These three High-tech accessories will definitely have you feeling more confident and upgraded with your car.

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